A downloadable game for Windows

[if Nil then...] v0.00

Open folder then open RPG_RT.exe then ready to play!!!



[if Nil then...] is a game which is influenced by Yume Nikki.

It is made for Dream Diary Jam 5.

3 effects.


Please do not change the inside things in the game files, that may cause crashes!

It is still in making progress, so there would be bugs in the game.

ALL arts ARE made by MYSELF, so do not use them as your own works OR use them without permission!!!

Thank you for playing! Hope you enjoy it!

--shirleycrow 2021.6.26


if Nil then v0.00.rar 685 kB


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Hi there, I love your games! Especially this one. I hope you keep working on it. Its so very neat.

Thank you for playing! I will continue to make it better!!